Why We Care

If you have navigated to this site then you are waking up to realize there may be something in the air.  Something inside of you has questioned the stability of life as you know it and you have that little voice inside telling you the reality you have known could be in jeopardy.

The intent of Survive2balive.com is not to try and figure out what will cause an emergency or change our way of life as we know it but rather to offer ways for an individual or family to start preparing.  Survive2balive.com will refrain from commenting on political, social, economic or other issues that many believe will change the way that we live today.  Any event can cause a life altering situation and the better prepared we are the easier it is to weather any storm.

This site is intended to serve those of us who have recently woken up.  Whether it was by a terribly loud internal scream or a faint whisper, you are awake and here because you know and feel that our society is in grave danger, or you and your family are at risk from unstoppable forces of nature.  You are not alone.  There are millions of folks in our country today who have been awake for years and are taking necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from danger.

You may seem overwhelmed, we all did at one point but that’s natural.  The important thing is that you are now awake and realize it is time to get a plan in place.  This puts you way out in front of the herd of average Americans.  Being prepared is not something you can purchase at a big box store.  Preparedness is a fluid and never-ending process.  It is a way of life.  Burnedbytheman.com hopes you will visit this site often and we become a valuable resource in your preparedness journey.

Burnedbytheman.com is a site directed towards folks who have just “woke up” and are new to the preparedness arena.  We offer basic preparedness ideas and solutions along with the ability to post ideas and ask
questions through our blog.

What is Burnedbytheman.com?

It was created and is maintained by a small preparedness community.  We have learned a
great deal through experience and trial…often times failure.  We created a site to share these experiences
with others and help educate while acquiring new ideas and information at the same time.  Preparedness is fluid and we know that preparedness is a lifestyle with no finish line.

Editor GA lives and works in the Southeast in an area particularly prone to hurricanes.  After living and working through quite a few storms GA took a serious interest in survival and preparedness techniques.  GA is a former Marine and has been involved in public safety in a major metropolitan law enforcement agency for more than 25 years.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, practicing survival skills, and is a certified personal fitness instructor.  GA is what many would call a “prepper” but believes he is a realist when it comes to being prepared.

Contributing Author George Perry aka “Geyser”:  GP is a retired attorney living in central Florida.  He has been a Scoutmaster, hunter and 18th century re-enacter.  His love of the 18th century gives him plenty of skills
that help in preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.