The HDX Folding Saw By: GA

We like to do our preparedness shopping early on Saturday mornings before the crowds wake up and start cluttering the stores. Our local Walmart and Home Depot are right next to each other and we visit both on a regular basis.  Earlier this year Home Depot began selling their private line of tools called HDX. These tools are less expensive than the regular name brands and they seem to be of pretty good quality.

I am always looking to add to my inventory of hand tools. In my opinion, hand tools are an important part of a sound preparedness strategy. Every time I wander in to the Home Depot I stop and browse the HDX tools to see if there are any tools that I can add to the tool box. I have purchased a number of different HDX tools from scissors to screw drivers just for the purpose of having a few of everything in case the power goes out and I find myself repairing things the old fashioned way.

Home Depot makes it easy to check out the HDX products. Usually these tools are displayed along the main store aisle near the cashiers. They are always in a very conspicuous location with the intent of having shoppers walk right by them when entering the store.

A few Saturdays ago we walked into the Home Depot and I began checking out the HDX tools when I came upon the HDX Folding Saw. As I inspected the package I thought this might make a really good addition to the bug out bag and the hand tool supply. Here’s the really cool part…this thing was going for five bucks! I figured it had to be a total piece of junk for that price, but since it was so cheap I decided to buy it and take it home for a try.


I purchased the HDX saw with the bug out bag in mind. Because of its size it looked like it might be really handy in a camp environment. With that in mind, I took the saw outside to give it a try. The HDX saw had no problem cutting through tree branches. It was very comfortable to use and felt pretty solid. The largest branch I cut with the saw was about 4 inches in diameter but I am certain it could cut through limbs larger than that. I couldn’t believe it…five bucks!


The HDX Folding Saw has a 5 ½ inch blade. The blade has 12 teeth per inch and is pretty efficient. When folded with the blade closed the saw is 8 inches long. With the tool unfolded and the blade locked in place, the saw is just over 16 inches long. It has a slim profile and only weighs .6 pounds. It makes for a nice addition to the bug out bag as it is effective and lightweight. The profile of the saw will allow for it to easily slide in and out of a pack or cargo pocket. The grip is rubberized and comfortable when in use.

I am going to pick up a few more of these saws. This one is going right in the bug out bag. For the low price I can pick up a few more and keep one for the tool box and put another in my hunting gear. The others willbe kept and given as Christmas gifts to my like-minded loved ones!I really believe this was a good find. I think it will be an upgrade to the wire saw I had in the bug out bags (although I will leave the wire there for back-up) and for this kind of price a tool like this can’t be beat. The next time you’re in the Home Depot check out the HDX tools and more specifically the HDX Folding Saw.