Elk Hunting in Wyoming: Part 1

There is really more content to provide here than there is available pages, and with that being said I’ll try to keep this article on the fundamentals and may write another sequel if reader interests prevails.

The most important things to remember when Elk hunting is to know your quarry.

When do Elk bed down?

Where do Elk feed?

DO NOT push Elk from their bedding areas, or for that matter don’t push them at all.

Migrations routes are a vital thing to know?

When are Elk in the rut?

What are Elk eating the time of year your hunting?

At what elevation may you expect to find Elk?

Almost all hunters want an Elk with a huge rack, are you going to be satisfied with a smaller rack, or possibly a cow? Many hunters fail simply due to antler size and come home empty handed.

How much time do you have to Hunt? I wouldn’t go on an self guided Elk hunt without having 2 weeks of vacation.

Are you in shape and can you walk 5-8 mountain miles a day?

Should you use masking scents while Elk hunting.

How much time have you spent for pre-season scouting.

Have you been spending time at the shooting range?

Do you have topo and or forest service maps of your hunting area?

Are you proficient in calling elk with a bugle and cow call?

Do you need camouflage clothing

Elk hunting.

Since this is the first article I’ve written here I’m uncertain of the space allotted so I’ll start with “Where do Elk bed down”
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