sorry ive been gone

I apologize for the few number of articles posted over the last 5 weeks, but folks need to make sure that every now and then some time is taken to unwind and relax. Things happening in the nation and the world are getting stranger by the day and far more expensive. We happened to have the ability to take off for a few days and escape reality, so we took advantage of it.

We decided to take a little time off last week and drive up to Orlando to visit the mouse. We are fortunate to be in a location that gives us quick access to a place like this. However, between home and there is a very long stretch of the Florida Turnpike that has a whole lot of nothing. We always make certain the get home bag inside the truck is fully stocked and up to date every time we make that drive.

Something was making the hair stand up on the back of my neck a little more this time. As I was loading up the truck last Tuesday evening I decided to give the get home bag and extra look. I added a few items to the bag including two extra ponchos and a new flashlight. I also threw in some more water bottles, another 50 yards of paracord, two more Mylar emergency blankets, and another Datrex 3600 calorie emergency food bar. I even added a box of band-aids to the bag. I then made sure the tire pump was operable and that the tire plug kit was fully stocked. Everything in the Ram was good to go.

We went inside the house and started packing for the trip. We decided to bring along extra ammo. I threw extra 9mm mags in the bag for my EDC and two extra speed loaders for her Model 37.

I did my normal vacation navigation preps. This included packing the Garmin handheld GPS (a TomTom is already in the truck) and a road map. We have never had a need to use any of these items simply because we know our way around so well, but I refuse to travel without redundancy in navigation.

We packed standard vacation clothes in our luggage, you know the drill…t-shirts, shorts, etc…We also packed one separate bag with some of our hunting clothes and boots, just in case we had to try and get home on foot.

Last week I posted an article about Coolcore Cooling Towels. We liked the product so much that we decided to take them with us to Disneyworld. If you have ever been to Disney during this time of year, you know just how hot it can get! The Coolcores were a great addition to our trip.

We headed out first thing Wednesday morning and started the three hour drive. The drive itself proved to be uneventful. However, as we were driving up the Turnpike we were constantly getting news updates on two very disturbing issues; the violence occurring in the Middle East and the Federal Reserve’s decision to start quantitative easing. Folks, we have been lied to over and over again by our “leaders” about both and I could go on a several-page rant about that, but that is for another day. Listening to this news we were certainly glad we had prepped our trip in advance of leaving home.

We ended up using two prep items during the trip. The Coolcore Cooling Towels, which we had intended on using, and the two extra ponchos I had placed in the get home bag prior to leaving. They came in very handy on the final day of the trip when we woke up to some really wet conditions. Thankfully, we did not have a reason to use any other prep items.

One cool little thing happened to us while we were eating lunch at our favorite resort hotel. We had the opportunity to speak with another couple in line while waiting for our food. We struck up a conversation with them and because of a lack of seating in the restaurant we ended up sharing a table with them. They were complete strangers and completely awesome. After some small talk, we realized these nice Southern people were like-minded. We talked with them about quite a few things including silver buying, retreat locations, and the problems facing our current society. It was a great experience.

We are living in very perilous times. Life as we know it is changing rapidly. In my opinion there is only one thing more important than preparing for the difficult road we are traveling down and that is making time for those who are most important to you. Make sure you take the time, while there is time, to relax and enjoy each others’ company. Take your breaks from life but make sure you always have a plan in place just in case. The S*** can hit the fan at any time!